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Referral Program

Refer Cloudimage and get money (or additional Cloudimage allowances)!

Cloudimage customer/lead can refer Cloudimage to his network by obtaining a link to leading to registration form with pre-filled voucher code.

The voucher is either the referrer's Cloudimage token OR a manually generated token for non-Cloudimage customers.

The referee obtains:

  • 10% discount OR
  • additional 10% GB on any plan (FREE included)

And the referrer obtains:

  • the same discount on his current plan OR
  • additional 10% GB on his plan OR
  • Amazon voucher (relevant for non-Cloudimage customers)


1) adapt registration form to take into account voucher code in link or manual adding 2) save into DB 3) save in SFDC as cLeadSourceDetail 4) create monthly report in SFDC to pull lead / accounts coming from referal 5) add option under Plans for referee to claim reward (10% discount OR 10% additional GB) 6) Cloudimage admin: section about referal program 7) Cloudimage doc: present referal program => Mantas 8) support rewards (see above) in Cloudimage DB > s_projects