Cloudimage - Documentation

Stats API

curl -X GET -G \
    -d from=20200501 \
    -d to=20200513 \
    -d client_key=client_6920ed1c0250489b8d52b53

Query parameters

fromstart of the requested range (format: yyyymmdd)
toend of the requested range (format: yyyymmdd)
client_keyyour client API key. Can be found in the Invalidation section of the Admin panel.

Sample response

    "status": "success",
    "msg": "Stats for token: doc between 13 May 2020 and 19 May 2020",
    "stats": {
        "cdn_trafic_gb": 2.123,
        "cache_storage_gb": 0.037,
        "count_resized_images": 688,
        "count_downloaded_images": 455,
        "count_total_images": 1143
cdn_trafic_gbCDN traffic for a token
cache_storage_gbamount of cache used for the current month. We consider as cache : all original images size + their variants for the past 30 days. If we download your image several times, or if we distribute your image in several servers, we just count it once.
count_resized_imagesnumber of images resized
count_downloaded_imagesnumber of images downloaded directly
count_total_imagestotal number of images