Cloudimage - Documentation

Accounts created before Nov. 1st, 2021

Accounts created before November 1, 2021 have to include /v7/ in the path, like shown below.


Accounts created on or after November 1, 2021 do not require /v7/ and documentation have been updated accordingly.
To verify the type of configuration on your Cloudimage account, log in to your Cloudimage admin panel and look at the syntax provided on the Welcome page.

[NOTE] If you are an existing Cloudimage customer and wish to be able to remove the v7 from your URL syntax, please contact our support.

Stats API

curl -X GET -G \
    -d from=20200501 \
    -d to=20200513 \
    -d client_key=client_6920ed1c0250489b8d52b53

Query parameters

from start of the requested range (format: yyyymmdd)
to end of the requested range (format: yyyymmdd)
client_key your client API key. Can be found in the Invalidation section of the Admin panel.

Sample response

    "status": "success",
    "msg": "Stats for token: doc between 13 May 2020 and 19 May 2020",
    "stats": {
        "cdn_trafic_gb": 2.123,
        "cache_storage_gb": 0.037,
        "count_resized_images": 688,
        "count_downloaded_images": 455,
        "count_total_images": 1143
value description
cdn_trafic_gb CDN traffic for a token
cache_storage_gb amount of cache used for the current month. We consider as cache : all original images size + their variants for the past 30 days. If we download your image several times, or if we distribute your image in several servers, we just count it once.
count_resized_images number of images resized
count_downloaded_images number of images downloaded directly
count_total_images total number of images