Cloudimage - Documentation

Content Delivery Network

Cloudimage leverages Content Delivery Networks to accelerate the delivery of your images worldwide. We work with multiple CDN providers to optimize the delivery of your images and provide superb reliability.

In addition to accelerating your images, the CDN provides DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection, which will act as a shield to your servers and avoid any downtime.

CDNs usually cache images for as long as the images are requested by end users. If you want to update an original image, you have two ways of doing so in the CDN cache.

Option 1: add version in the origin image URL to force the CDN to download the new image

Old image:


New image:


The v2 wil force the CDN to handle as a new image version and update it's cache.

Option 2: invalidate the image from the CDN and Cloudimage caches

If you cannot change the image URLs when changing the origin image, you can still invalidate (flush) the image from the Cloudimage admin console. Log in to the console and navigate to Invalidation:

This will remove the image(s) from all CDN nodes and Cloudimage resizing servers.

Do not use the full path of your image but only the /operation/size/filter/origin_image_url part as invalidation path. For example, to invalidate //, you need to input /width/500/n/

Option 3: use our invalidation REST API

Alternatively, the Invalidation API allows to invalidate images via API.