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Performance Checker

Image performance checker tool

Cloudimage not only saves you time by resizing and optimizing all your images, but it also accelerates your website by caching your optimized images in a worldwide Content Delivery Network. Our Perfchecker tool will give you a glimpse of Cloudimage's benefits on your websites and apps.

How does it work?

On the Cloudimage homepage, under the "Check the benefits" section, enter an image URL and click on Go. Your image will be loaded several times from multiple nodes distributed across the world, and the average loading time for every node will be computed.

After that, the nodes will calculate the average loading time for the same image optimized by Cloudiamge. For example, if the original image URL is, the Cloudimage-optimized image will be optimized and downloaded from the CDN.

Perfchecker does not take into account the resized version of your image. Hence, there are even higher gains to expect when using Cloudimage.

Where are our nodes located?

We currently have nodes at following locations and are expanding these weekly:

  1. Paris (France)
  2. London (UK)
  3. Frankfurt (Germany)
  4. Oregon (US West Coast)
  5. Singapore
  6. Virginia (US East Coast)
  7. Sao Paulo ((Brazil)
  8. Sydney (Australia)

How do we build your custom report?

If you want to receive a (free) report on your website, please fill in your contact information. Our algorithm will find a page on your website containing many images and run an extensive test comparing the page loading time with and without Cloudimage. The resulting report will be sent to the email address you provide.

Any feedback?

Perfchecker is in constant evolution. If you'd like to suggest an improvement, feel free to contact us.