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Static Watermark

The Static watermark filter will watermark all your images with the same watermark.

Step 1 - upload your default watermark in the Cloudimage admin console

Log in to your Cloudimage admin console a navigate to Settings / Watermark.

Upload your default watermark using the uploader.

Step 2 - start watermarking!

Filter Values Description
fwk NA Enables watermark. Required.
wposN N in [south|north][east|west] Watermark position (southeast, northwest, ...). By default, the watemark is centered.
wscaleN N in [0 .. 100] Rescales the watermark image (N = 10: 10% of the original image)
wpadN N in [0 .. 100] Padding between the edge of the watermark and the edge of the image

Multiple watermark filters can be concatenated, for example: fwk.wscale80.wpad10