Let's optimize your images

Cloudimage will solve your challenges with image resizing, transformation, and acceleration in the Cloud

Images slow down your website and mobile apps? Don't want to spend hours Photoshopping images for the web? Don't want to write complex image resizing automation scripts? Looking for Responsive images JS plugin? You've come to the right place.

We have documented the most common resizing functions here. Cloudimage supports many more, please contact us if you don't find your luck!

Cloudimage is provided by Scaleflex alongside the Filerobot DAM (Digital Asset Management solution)

Let's start with an example

Cloudimage supports the chaining of various transformations and filters to edit and deliver your images. You can also overlay watermarks and optimize the compression controlling the image format and quality while taking into account the user browser's supported formats. This helps you achieve the best loading speed for your website or web application.

Cloudimage URL format



Your Cloudimage customer token. Subscribe here to get one. You can also ask us for a custom token.


That's an easy one :)


Image manipulation operations like width, height, crop, fit, rotate, trim. For a full list, see Image operations.

Use filters like contrast, pixellate, blur, greyscale and sharpen to apply different effects on your image. For a full list, see Image filters.

Cloudimage can place a watermark in your images if you want to protect them from copying, or tag them with a custom text. More details in the Image watermarking section.

If your Cloudimage account has been created before October 2021, you need to add v7/ to your Cloudimage URL before the origin image. Example: //token.cloudimg.io/v7/original_image_url?operations&filters&watermarks

Cloudimage's resizing servers, located in three data centers worldwide (Canada, France, and Singapore) will download your original image from origin_image_url, transform it based on the Image operations and Image filters parameters, and finally, display it on your website or mobile app through a rocket fast CDN.

An example with an original image hosted on your web server, Amazon S3 bucket, or any other storage accessible over HTTP.

If you host your images on a Web Server, Image Repository, or Storage Bucket sitting behind a Firewall, make sure your images are accessible over HTTP or HTTPS. Otherwise, Cloudimage servers will not be able to download the originals.

Uploading images and videos

Cloudimage is not a media storage service but rather acts as a media proxy downloading the origin (pristine) images and videos from your server or any storage container (S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob, ...) and optimizing them on-the-fly.

This page documents Cloudimage's image and video transformations APIs. If you are looking for a solution to upload and manage your media assets in one single source-of-truth, checkout Scaleflex's Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution: Filerobot. Its documentation is available here.

Cloudimage is fully integrated into the Filerobot DAM solution to deliver opitmized assets over CDN.

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