Responsive images JS plugin

Javascript implementation for pixel perfect design

Responsive images adapt the image size according to the screen size of the end user, thereby allowing your website or mobile app to load faster across various screen sizes. For example, on an iPhone, Cloudimage will deliver smaller images than it would on a 15" computer screen, thus accelerating the page loading time.

Managing a responsive site manually can be tedious, especially for a site with more than 20-30 images. Therefore, the Cloudimage team has developed a JS plugin to automate everything for you. Check it out here as well as a demo.

For a good intro to Responsive Images, read through our blog article on Responsive Images.

The Cloudimage JS lib will adapt all your URLs automatically and offers built-in Responsive Design, Lazyloading, and many more features to make your website responsive and fast as well as add nice loading effects to your images

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