Image watermarking

Compose image or text layers over the main image

Cloudimage can place a watermark on top of your images if you want to protect them from copying or tag them with a serial number or custom text. There are three types of watermarks - click on each one for more details.

Static watermark

Apply the same image watermark to all the images you decide to watermark (e.g. your company's logo).

Dynamic watermark

Specify the watermark in the Cloudimage URL to apply different watermarks to different images.

Text watermark

If you need to tag images, use the text watermark to dynamically embed text to the images you need tagged.

Multiple watermarks

Basic syntax

You can overlay multiple watermarks by indexing the parameters in the URL wat[1]=1&wat[2]=1. The wat=1 parameter must be indexed and contain all watermarks to activate the feature.

All parameters without indices will be applied to all watermarks in the image.


In the above fragment, wat_opacity=0.5 will be applied to both watermarks.

Multiple watermark types

Combining multiple watermark types is also possible.

Remember that the presence of the wat_url=X parameter defines a dynamic watermark, wat_text=X defines a text watermark and the absence of either defines a static watermark.


In the above fragment, there are three watermarks. Watermark 2 is a dynamic watermark, watermark 3 is a text watermark, and watermark 1 is a static one.


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