Cloudimage_v6 EOL

Scaleflex announces the EOL (End Of Life) of Cloudimage software release v6 (v6 URL format).

The milestone events, descriptions, and dates are shown below.

Customers with active Support contracts will continue to receive support from Scaleflex Support, per the terms and conditions specified in the support contract.

In order to avoid any inconvenience or disruption of Services, we recommend that our Cloudimage_v6 customers migrate to the Cloudimage software release v7.


  • Phase 1 - migration plan layout (until April 1st, 2022): DONE

  • Phase 2 - POCs and final version (until Oct 1st, 2024): ONGOING

  • Phase 3 - migration, deployment, and v6 engine removal (until December 31st, 2024): TO DO

Step-by-step tutorial

As we chose to do a transparent migration via proxy, there will be no action required on the Customer's side, and no impact is expected.

(Timeline details will be communicated directly to the relevant customers)

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