Use short pre-defined aliases for different origin servers

Aliases are a very easy way to hide parts of your URLs: They can be useful if your images come from different image repositories (for example: and you do not wish these repositories to be publicly shown in your code. If you use only one repository for all your images, you can alternatively use Origin URL prefix.

With aliases, you can easily "mount" src0 to

Step 1. Configure aliases

Log in to your Cloudimage admin console, navigate to Image settings, and scroll down to Aliases. Configure up to 10 aliases:

All aliases have to be prefixed and suffixed by underscores. Make sure there are no leading or trailing slashes. Please note that all aliases have to be unique for your account - aliases set in the alias section cannot be used in the Storage sections (see Connecting storage bucket).

Due to the specific way aliases are matched, it is required to use only specific aliases that are not contained in part of other alias strings.

Example: If you define an alias _demo_one_ then you should not have:

  • _demo_

  • _demo_one_two_

  • _my_demo_one_

As those would all be matched according to the first overlap (in this example, _demo_). An easy way to overcome this is by both prefixing and suffixing aliases with double underscores.

Step 2. Construct your Cloudimage URLs

Without Alias


With Aliases


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