Dynamic watermark

Dynamic (defined in URL) image overlay

The dynamic watermark function allows you to specify the watermark image in the Cloudimage URL. This way, different watermarks can be used with different images.

Available parameters


use watermark


(required) Activates the watermark function

watermark URL


(required) The URL of the watermark image. Can be URL-encoded

watermark gravity

wat_gravity=X X=[north|south][east|west]|center| absolute|relative

Defines the position to "anchor" the watermark to

watermark scaling (relative to original watermark size)

wat_scale=X X=0..100

Watermark image scaling defined in in percent of the watermark dimensions

watermark scaling (relative to output image size)

wat_scale=Xp X=0..100p

Watermark image scaling defined in in percent of the output image dimensions

watermark padding

wat_pad=X[p][,Y[p]] X/Y=0..100[p]

Adds padding from the anchoring point in pixels (X) or in percent (Xp)

watermark position


sets the position in percent from the resized image; works only with wat_gravity=absolute and wat_gravity=relative

watermark opacity

wat_opacity=X X=0..1

Defines watermark opacity


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