Text watermark

Apply text overlay

If you need to tag an image or add a reference number as an overlay, use the text watermark function.

Available parameters


use watermark


(required) Activates the watermark function

watermark text


(required) The text to be overlayed. Can be URL-encoded

watermark position

wat_gravity=X X=[north|south][east|west]|center

Defines the position to "anchor" the watermark to

watermark padding

wat_pad=X[p][,Y[p]] X/Y=0..100[p]

Adds padding from the anchoring point in pixels (X) or in percent (Xp)

watermark opacity

wat_opacity=X X=0..1

Defines watermark opacity

watermark font


Choose the font family for the overlay

watermark color

wat_color=X | wat_colour=X

Sets the text color

watermark font size

wat_fontsize=X | wat_fontsize=Xmax

Sets the font size. If the Xmax syntax is used, the size is reduced if the text cannot fit in the image


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