Video operations

Short clip processing and delivery for websites and web applications

Please contact the support team to activate the video feature for your token.

Cloudimage offers on-the-fly video processing with delivery via CDN using the Cloudimage URL for seamless integration. This feature is suited for short clips for websites and web applications such as hero videos or product videos.

Input files are limited to 500 MB and compressed videos are limited to 4k resolution and duration of no more than 1 minute.

The video files processed in the URLs need to have the proper file extension (eg. .mp4, .webm).

Available parameters


ParameterAllowed valuesDescription



Sets the target video width



Sets the target video height


crop (default) | fit | cropfit | bound | boundmin | cover

Sets the resize function if both width and height parameters are provided


hex color code / color name

Background (padding) color (for use with func=fit)



Use blurred version of the video for background / padding (for use with func=fit)


auto (default) | mp4 | webm | h264.mp4 | h265.mp4 | vp9.webm

Defines the video format


10k..20000k | 1m..20m (ex.300k, 2m)

Sets the compression bitrate (in kilobits or megabits per second)

The automatic format delivery chooses the most efficient codec and format based on the viewer platform support - h265 (HEVC) mp4, vp9 WebM, or h264 (AVC) mp4.


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