Image compression

You can change the compression (output format and quality) of your image by using compression filters. You can use the compression filters alongside Image operations and Image filters.
By default, Cloudimage delivers the images as WebP. If the format is not supported by the client browser, it falls back to JPEG or PNG. If you wish to keep the original format, you can use force_format=original.
You can of course force a specific output format(s). More details can be found in the image formats section.
WebP format A modern format suitable for most images. Supports trasnparency and offers both lossy and lossless compression.
JPEG compression The most popular and widely-supported format. Used by digital cameras. Suitable for photographic images. Lossy compression only.
PNG format Image format with transperency support suitable for raster logos, charts, infographs, etc. Lossless compresison only.