Cloudimage - Documentation

Accounts created before Nov. 1st, 2021

Accounts created before November 1, 2021 have to include /v7/ in the path, like shown below.


Accounts created on or after November 1, 2021 do not require /v7/ and documentation have been updated accordingly.
To verify the type of configuration on your Cloudimage account, log in to your Cloudimage admin panel and look at the syntax provided on the Welcome page.

[NOTE] If you are an existing Cloudimage customer and wish to be able to remove the v7 from your URL syntax, please contact our support.


Cloudimage can download your origin images/files from any server or storage bucket over HTTP/HTTPS/FTP. Setting up an external storage is optional and you can use Cloudimage with your origin image URLs as shown in the introduction.

If the images are not publicly available, you have to configure your storage containers and set authentication parameters. If you are filtering access to your image storage by source IP address, contact us to obtain a list of the Cloudimage resizing servers.

You can set up an external storage in the Storage section in the admin panel by using the Connect External Storage button.

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You can set up an Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure Blob or any generic HTTP-based storage.