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Static Watermark

This filter will watermark all your images with the same watermark. This is useful for placing your company logo, name or other copyright information. If you would like to watermark different images with different watermarks, please refer to the dynamic watermark section.

Step 1 - upload your default watermark in the Cloudimage admin console

Log in to your Cloudimage admin console a navigate to Image Settings / Watermark.

Upload your default watermark using the uploader.

Step 2 - start watermarking!

use watermarkwat=1
watermark positionwat_gravity=X
X = [north-south][east-west]|center
watermark scaling
(relative to original watermark size)
X = 0..100 - in percent
watermark scaling
(relative to output image size)
X = 0p..100p - in percent
watermark paddingwat_pad=X[p][,Y[p]]
X,Y - in pixels
Xp, Yp - in percent
watermark opacitywat_opacity=X
X = 0..1

Watermark position

The wat_gravity option sets the position of the watermark and the wat_pad defines the offset of the watermark from the gravity position.

Available wat_gravity values

westcentre | center (default)east

The padding can be defined in pixels (wat_pad=X[,Y]) or in percent of output size (wat_pad=Xp[,Yp]). The padding is applied after scaling the final image and then it is compressed (see Compression) and delivered via CDN.

Watermark size

The watermark can be scaled relative to the original watermark image (wat_scale=X[,Y]) or relative to the output image (wat_scale=Xp[,Yp]).

Original watermark


Here, the watermark image is 835 px wide.

Watermarked scaled relative to the watermark image


The watermark is scaled down to 45% of its original width (376 px). Then, the final image is scaled down to 1200-px width.

If the final image is scaled with width and/or height, the watermark is further scaled along with the image:

Smaller image


The same image as the one on the left but with a different final size.

Note that the watermark is scaled down with the image but the padding is the same.

Original watermark


Here, the watermark image is 835 px wide.

Watermark scaled relative to the output image


The watermark is resized to exactly 45% of the output image size.