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Domains & URLs

Cloudimage provides tools which can help you protect your image origin repositories from users and improve SEO by making your URLs shorter and more semantic.

custom CNAMEs / SSLto use your domain name instead of {token}, you can contact us to set up custom CNAMEs and SSL certificate (available for Pro plans and above)
origin URL prefixif all your images are stored in one place, you can set a prefix to make your Cloudimage URLs shorter and improve SEO and hide the URL of your repositories
aliasesif your images are stored at more than one repository, you can shorten Cloudimage URLs by using aliases
presetsto further shorten your Cloudimage URLs and make them more semantic, you can combine your most used transformations into presets
ruleslets you define transformation rules based on image path and filename pattern matching
global headersused to send a systematic header name & (fixed) value to all origin image request