Cloudimage - Documentation

Accounts created before Nov. 1st, 2021

Accounts created before November 1, 2021 have to include /v7/ in the path, like shown below.


Accounts created on or after November 1, 2021 do not require /v7/ and documentation have been updated accordingly.
To verify the type of configuration on your Cloudimage account, log in to your Cloudimage admin panel and look at the syntax provided on the Welcome page.

[NOTE] If you are an existing Cloudimage customer and wish to be able to remove the v7 from your URL syntax, please contact our support.

Google Cloud storage

If your images are stored at a bucket named mysamplebucket and you can access image.jpg at the following URL:


You should enter the data as follows:

Photo alt \#responsive

All aliases have to be prefixed and suffixed by underscores. Please note that all aliases have to be unique for your account - aliases set in the storage sections cannot be used in the alias section.

Your storage bucket is now accessible by using the alias entered in the Cloudimage Alias field:


If your Google Cloud bucket requires authentication:

  • You will be provided with JSON file to be saved on your computer
  • Copy the contents of this file and paste it in the field that appears after pressing "AUTH KEY" in the storage settings

Photo alt \#responsive